The job app so easy you won't mind using it on your days off.

Helping you find the job you actually want and ending the endless cycle of resumes, job apps, radio silence without a reason... that's just the tip of the iceberg of what we're building.

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You're the reason.

We started HMH because we saw first-hand the inefficiencies in the hiring process and the negative impacts suffered by both sides. We want to fix it all. With your help, we can make a huge difference. But one step at a time: first, streamlining the hiring process.

Beyond that, we are working with and for you to become your go-to platform to help you build your future as a healthcare professional. Getting called "hero" may get old, but getting treated like one won't.

Jobs are just the beginning.

Connecting you with the best job opportunities is what we live, breathe and often forgo sleep for.

Our custom-designed platform was designed with nurses in mind. Upload your CV and credentials once, then search based on qualifications, days, hours, and/or location.

Use our in-app messaging to communicate with hiring managers. Schedule interviews directly, no more resumes falling into the abyss.

Community matters.

And we want to help you build it. Future iterations of HMH will provide space for you to build community, which we feel is a vital component to help you feel fulfilled in your work.

We will handle the geeky details and mundane tasks. Your role as we grow together, like any strong community, is simple: participation!

Power in idea exchange.

As we grow, we want to hear from and work with you. You share ideas. We implement. We're far from perfect. If something we do lets you down, let us know. Better yet, tell us what we can do better.

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